couple-8Rhythms Banquet Services, Nila & Charles Wedding Reception Charles and I will never know how to thank Rhythms Banquet Services, for being not only our incredibly talented wedding planner, but also the rock throughout the whole planning process. Having only 4 months to organise a large dream wedding for not only a perfectionist bride with huge expectations, but with the couple who wasn’t even residing in the same city we were planning our wedding. I am sure it wasn’t an easy task for you. However, with all these obstacles you’ve made this whole wedding process so much easier for us. I can honestly say you have exceeded our expectation, with the beautiful decor, the waterfalls backdrop, the central piece of ice sculptures, the pasta bar, food station at each corner, and let’s not forget my favourite part the dessert table. Everyone has been so complimentary of all the venues and your team. I had people coming up to us even before they’d had too much to drink saying that it was the best wedding by far and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending you as a wedding planner/ wedding decorator (with your unique ideas) and a counselor. Let’s not forget the times you had to calm me down and convince Charles everything I want is a must for the wedding. Last but not the least; we would like to thank you and your team so much for your hard work and dedication on and before our wedding day. I wish you nothing but success for your future, as I am sure that you will make hundreds more brides the happiest in the world!!

Thank you Rhythms Banquet Services, and Team!!

Nila & Charles